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Doctor Who: "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday"...being some random thoughts

Aw. Well...okay. Despite the anvils thrown at our heads all season about the Doctor and his eternal lonliness (which got really annoying for me in "Fear Her"), RTD gets a pass, because he didn't let the Doctor actually say "I love you" (if that's even what he was planning to say). And the Doctor's response to Rose's quiet declaration made me laugh because it was so perfect, "Quite right, too." Oh, Doctor, I think I love you too.

"Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday"

Let's start with the things I really liked (there were quite a lot, actually). :-)

I was very skeptical of the voiceover at first; if it really had been narrated by Rose-from-beyond-the-grave, I think I would have hated the entire episode with a passion. As it is, though, it's more as if Rose is telling the story to someone else, kids or grandkids or baby sister/brother. It worked.

I rather enjoyed most of the action. Especially the arguments between the Cybermen and Daleks (though I do have issue with the Daleks as a whole in this).

Any excuse to see Mickey again and get news from that alternate 'verse (Pete's World, heh). I was particularly fond of Mickey's finger-to-the-lips when Rose first saw him, and the fact that he's turned into a save-the-world badass. :-)

Jackie Tyler is love. Seriously. Having to pretend to be the Doctor's companion (I still haven't made up my mind whether he pulled her out of the TARDIS instead of Rose by accident or on purpose!), running from Cybermen, having that wonderful little meeting/reunion with Pete ("I don't care about that. ... How rich?").

Kudos to both Tennant and Billie Piper for some of the more emotional moments near the end of the episode. Some of it I thought went on a bit too long--I would maybe have been more moved if we *hadn't* been told so much of what has happened to Rose, if we hadn't had that supernova-draining goodbye. (That line needs to be in some angsty pop song, "Burning up a sun just to say goodbye.") I did like the awkwardness in that last goodbye, though; and that Ten is just a projection, so there was no hugging or whatever (interesting comment about "not being able to touch," after how many times "touch" has figured into this season). There is already distance; and this is just some kind of closure.

See my comment above about how satisfied I was that the Doctor's time ran out before he could say those three words back to Rose.

Two most haunting moments of the episode, for me: 1) the Doctor pressing his hands and his cheek against the wall where the breach was, face almost expressionless--a little bit in shock, and looking as if he's trying to listen for Rose through what's left of the breach; and 2) after the farewell, the Doctor standing alone in the TARDIS console room. It reminded me that we've never seen him actually alone like that, not in the new series anyway. There has always been someone around, a companion or two--and now they're gone, and for a moment, it's just him. It made my heart ache.

Oh! And the 3-D glasses. *sporfle* I kept thinking, all episode, "What's up with the glasses, Doctor?" and nobody else asked till he told them to.

Despite my dislike of the "Rose is so special!" thing (no she's not, she's just another companion), she certainly learned a lot, and I like it when she goes running off on her own to do Doctorish investigative things. :-)

Things I didn't like include the following:

The length of the goodbye. *sigh*

The dual scream from Rose and Ten when Rose is being sucked into the vortext. Though maybe I just need to ponder it--it seemed a bit un-Doctorish on his part (I'd have screamed more than Rose, if I were in her shoes, lol).

Rose using the psychic paper to open the security lock to the sphere's room. Um, no. Unless Torchwood is using sentient bio-computers, there's no way that should have worked; all she did was wave a piece of blank paper over the lock. And if they were, given the training against psychics that their scientists get, surely Torchwood would have made sure that their bioware was also protected? (Sheesh, RTD, keep your world's details straight, plz.)

Daleks. Again. I would be pleased right now to never see them again, except that at least one of them did a "temporal shift," which is presumably a setup for them coming back. Grrrr. Daleks are cool and creepy, but since we're living in the aftermath of the Time War, this whole thing with so many of them having survived is making me angry. So Gallifrey was destroyed for nothing, was it? Lovely. The Doctor went through all that, and they're still around?!

Unless we get another surviving Time Lord/Lady storyline, this will continue to bother me extremely.

The "Time Lord science" was not very interesting. Poo. I wanted something much more awesome than a freaking prison ship. (RTD already got to do hordes of flying Daleks in PotW, he shouldn't have been allowed this one.)

This isn't exactly a dislike...but we even had a cliffhanger ending, of a sort. Hmph. And being a USA person, I can't watch "The Runaway Bride" yet. *pouts* I can't even torrent it because of my pokey internet connection (not that I'd even know where to go...).
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