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2006 Fic Year In Review

the fic year in review

stories i wrote this year:

In chronological order (completed, or standalone series fragments):

1. Firefly: The Nameless Seeker
Shepherd Book tells a fairy tale to the children at Haven.

2. Numb3rs: Statistical Ghosts
Charlie struggles with unnecessary guilt after the episode “In Plain Sight.”

3. midrash: There Will Be No Miracle (revised)
Good Friday, through John’s pov.

4. Numb3rs: Superheroes
Why Colby is fascinated by Charlie’s consulting work; humor.

5. Numb3rs: Phantom Intelligence
Charlie isn’t the only one who had trouble handling the Lamberg case. Don PoV, post-“In Plain Sight,” a companion piece to Statistical Ghosts

6. Stargate SG-1: Self-Medication at Oh-Three-Hundred Hours
Janet Frasier witnesses a private moment after “Into the Fire.”

7. The Sentinel: 9/11/06 (drabble)

8. The Invisible Man: 9/11/06 (drabble)

9. Numb3rs: 9/11/06 (drabble)

10. Alias: We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This
Weiss gets into trouble, only be to assisted by a dead man. Post-series.

11. Stargate SG-1: These Are Gold
”Make new friends, but keep the old/ Those are silver . . .”

12. Firefly: A Little Diversion
Zoe and Jayne on the job.

13. CSI: Respite (drabble)
A post-“Fannysmackin’” ficlet.

my new WIP's were:

Harry Potter/CSI: What Is Truth? (unfinished, as yet)

As well as a couple of longer fics that I worked on but did not post any portion of:

The Sentinel/Numb3rs case story, currently untitled

The Sentinel case story, "Senseless" (NaNo novel, working title)

my favorite story of the year. not the most popular, but the one that makes me happiest:

Statistical Ghosts
I feel that I really captured Charlie and Alan’s interaction, and this fic was personally important to me as well.

From my past year of writing, what was...

my best story:

Phantom Intelligence

story most under-appreciated by the universe:

These Are Gold
This could just be the fact that I am terribly fond of this one, and was hoping for more feedback.

most fun:


most disappointing:

A Little Diversion
I was kind of hoping for something deep to appear, but this was just a silly little romp. Yes, I’m weird, I gotta have my thematic resonance. . . .

story with single sweetest moment:

These Are Gold

story with most interesting idea:

Self-Medication at Oh-Three-Hundred Hours
I didn’t even realize that Carter being able to use her symbiote-sense to confirm that one of the team probably wasn’t a host was a newer idea.

hardest story to write:

Phantom Intelligence
See my comments in “did you take writing risks?”

easiest story to write:

Respite (drabble)

most unintentionally telling story:

We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This
(this one wins because Phantom Intelligence, Statistical Ghosts, and These Are Gold were all intentionally telling. *g*)

most "OHMIGOD HEY *I* WROTE THAT" fanon-turned-canon moment:

Numb3rs has a bad (good?) habit of doing fic-like plots on the actual show. Several bits of episodes required me and a coauthor to abandon a WIP earlier this year. One episode came so close to what we'd written, feliciakw used the recovery/hospital scene from our defunct fic, almost as-is, to create a missing scene for that episode.

looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would did this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

I participated in more ficathons that I had expected to. I wrote less on my NaNo novel than I expected or wanted to, though. I think I met my own expectations all right, though I would have liked to finish more stories.

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in january 2005?

Firefly (Shepherd Book) prequel fic (er, sorta). 9/11-related fic. Alias fic! Also, though this fic is still in rewrite, I made Jim Ellison cry, and I never expected to do that.

what's your favorite story of the year?

That's too hard a question, given the number of fandoms I skim through, so:

Domestic Disturbance, Numb3rs, V. Laike

Never Summer, Supernatural, ignipes

Shabbos, Mary Russell, lizbee

did you take any writing risks this year?

I did, yes, though nothing huge. I was much more consciously using personal thoughts and my own personal journey to inform my stories--even to the point of writing what for me was a fairly dark fic (
Phantom Intelligence).

what fanfic or profic goals did you make last year, and how did you do in meeting them?

These are my goals from last year:
I would love to reach this time next year having finished a first draft of my original mystery screenplay, the first overhaul of my Sentinel novel that I started for NaNo, and…I don’t know . . . other fun fics. Like the Firefly fic I’m supposed to be working on right now for the Finish-a-thon.

I certainly wrote “other fun fics,” and I worked on finishing that Sentinel novel (though it’s not done yet). The movie isn’t done, though, not by a long shot. I have, otoh, been writing a CSI spec script, which is going swimmingly at the moment.

do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

Profic: finish CSI spec, and rewrite according to notes from my writer’s group (which has 5 hardcore fans of the show, fortunately). Plot and/or write a couple of different specs (Medium, Numb3rs, Supernatural. . . ?). Return to working on movie, finish first draft.

Set aside at least two evenings per week to work on profic, or if I’m stuck on those projects, on fanfic. The point being to make time for the craft instead of just using the cracks around my work and social life and TV watching.

Fanfic: write less of it, putting more energy into specs/profic. (Yeah, right. My muse likes fic, so we’ll see.) Finish rough draft of Senseless, revise by myself and with a beta, maybe eventually contact a ‘zine for publication. Work on N3/TS crossover, which is still eating my brain. Stay away from ficathons, except for the Finish-a-thon.
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