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Friends' interests meme

Stolen from jhall1:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. don eppes score: 12
2. david krumholtz score: 8
3. mara jade score: 6
4. timothy zahn score: 6
5. crime dramas score: 6
6. common rotation score: 4
7. episode 3 score: 4
8. larry/megan score: 4
9. diet cherry coke score: 4
10. bill nye score: 4
11. yinz score: 4
12. robert capa score: 4
13. i love shoes score: 4
14. kennywood score: 4
15. infp score: 4
16. sandalwood score: 4
17. automatic writing score: 4
18. pittsburghese score: 4
19. serial murder score: 4
20. cold cases score: 4

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This was based off my "unusual interests" being: licc, judd hirsch, television writing, gerard manly hopkins, forensic art, star wars extended universe.

There are a couple of things here I might have to add (I don't have "larry/megan" on my interests yet?! How remiss of me!). And a couple of things ("Common Rotation") I should perhaps look into
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