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Thoughts on my writing (sort of an update, but not totally)

I've been gamely attempting to set aside the Monday and Wednesday evenings of every week to work on my CSI spec script.

At the moment, progress is slow. I've fixed the plot, the outline for my spec, and started writing the actual script. I have about 15 pages, as of last night (mind you, 15 pages in script form is about 1/6th the amount of words it would be in online prose format, maybe less). That puts me through the teaser and well into the first act.

The change in emphasis from writing prose is striking. No longer the need for description (or for using description to focus the reader's attention on one specific item or perception); no longer the interior revelation of feelings.

Location; visual imagery and juxtaposition; structure; dialogue. That's what has to be at the forefront.

Not that these things aren't important to me when I'm writing prose (the turning point of "Statistical Ghosts" is two lines of dialogue), but all my lovely crutches, the tools I most cherish and am the most comfortable with, are taken away. As a prose writer, I'm able to control everything about the way my reader perceives the story. As a script writer, I'm reduced (at least in part) to the idea of trusting other parters in creativity: the director, the actors. I don't have to describe Greg's facial expression--if he looks at Grissom after an unexpected comment, we know that Eric Szmada's face will probably look like.

I've learned that I desperately need to be more familiar with the tools of this particular trade. I've also learned that I may simply have to keep writing scripts for that to happen.

Well, duh.

So part of me is freaking out, and part of me is reveling in the new things I'm beginning to properly learn.

Mind you, I've been rather distracted lately, by a Sentinel fic I've been working on. Good training for the coming year, I suppose; how to put fic aside for pro writing.

I'm rather startled by the fact that I have multiple Sentinel fics set in the same future (ie, post-series) timeline. Not that said fics have a lot in common, but they do share a background: Blair's academic vindication, his civilian work with the Cascade PD; Jim's eventual promotion to Captain; and Blair's marriage.

I've only posted one of these fics, and if you've read Scents of Celebration, you've met Blair's wife kind of by proxy. You'll see her again in this new fic that I hope to post this week.

I think I may have outgrown the propensity for Mary-Sue creation. I was listing out the fics in this timeline that I'm already working on (they include my novel Senseless, and the Numb3rs/TS crossover I'm working on), and ones that I still may write eventually, and I realized that although Gina is present in some way for most of them, she's always very much a peripheral character. I keep telling stories about Jim and Blair--except that Blair's married now. I don't think I *tried* to do that...it's just how it's turning out.

That's kind of encouraging to me. I've got my ficcish priorities straight! :-)

I think that's it for now.
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