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Ficlet offer/request: deathfics - Light One Candle

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January 11th, 2007

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03:35 pm - Ficlet offer/request: deathfics

I have a feeling that NO ONE is going to take me up on this, but I am bored out of my skull right now, so I might as well ask. :-)

Give me a character, and a cause-of-death (anything from dagger to poison to illnes to old age to another character), and I will write you a little ficlet. Yes, I am in a slightly odd mood.

No promises made as to the seriousness (or hilarity) of said death. I like to switch things up.

Allowable fandoms include anything on my interests (except LotR). I'll make a stab at others, if you know I've seen some episodes (for instance, Law&Order:CI, or Supernatural).
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Date:January 20th, 2007 01:28 am (UTC)

The End Ahead, the Enemy Behind

note: hey, two for the price of one! hopefully this doesn't suck completely, since i've never written rodney before; and i didn't look up the puddlejumpers to see if they work like i've written them or not. um. enjoy!


Jack O’Neill twisted around in the jumper’s pilot seat, so he could glare at the figure crouching in the back. “And you didn’t think to tell me this?”

The figure let out a sound somewhere between a huff and sigh. “It’s not like it would have made a difference, would it?” Rodney McKay glanced over his shoulder, and then his eyes widened. “And it’ll be a moot point entirely if you don’t watch where we’re flying!”

Jack glanced back out the viewport, into the jagged crystalline tunnel that the puddlejumper was hurtling down at a completely unsafe speed. He made a small mental adjustment, and the jumper pulled away from its near-kiss with the wall. “Mind control,” he reminded McKay.

“Is not exclusive anymore,” McKay snapped back, turning onto his back and practically crawling inside the open panel. “How much longer do I have?”

Sensors were keeping track of the icy blue thing that had chased them in here, still many meters away--and still closing on them. Jack nudged the jumper even faster. “Hurry.”

“How. Long?” The scuffling grew more pronounced.

Jack shrugged, though McKay wouldn’t see it. “Two minutes, maybe three. That’s long enough for whatever it is you’re doing back there, right?”

“Not if you’re going to make me stop and explain it to you.”

The tunnel took a spiral turn, and Jack followed it with precision, hanging onto the thrill of making perfect turns. “Carter can fix things and explain at the same time,” he told McKay.

A sputtering noise came from the scientist’s general area. “Well, if Samantha were here, she could explain and let me work!” For a moment, all noise stopped. Then McKay added, “Forget I said that. Damn good thing she’s not here; someone’s going to have to explain what I’m doing to the brass.”

“What we’re doing,” Jack corrected him. The image of the creature crept closer on the monitor. “That thing’s getting closer than I’d like it to.”

“Almost done. Almost--" McKay hauled himself out of the open panel and reached for a hotwired keyboard. “Are we near the resonance point yet? ‘Cause if we do this and we’re not in place. . . .”

“We’re not getting another chance, I know.” Jack pushed the speed just a little bit more, the spines and glittering colors outside spinning past. “We’re almost there.”

“Done.” McKay, still sitting on the floor, turned around and looked out the viewport.

For a long several seconds, they both just sat and watched, and then there was something solid rushing up out of the tunnel’s darkness to meet them. The end was ahead, and the enemy was behind.

“Now,” McKay said, putting his head down on his knees so he couldn’t see the dead end they were about to impact.

Jack kept his eyes open as he thought the trigger McKay had set up, and the universe fled away.

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Date:January 20th, 2007 01:38 am (UTC)

Re: The End Ahead, the Enemy Behind

Fear not, your Rodney voice was perfect. I love this so very very much, though part of me is feeling so very bad for Sam... god, I wonder what her reaction to this would be.
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Date:January 20th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)

Re: The End Ahead, the Enemy Behind

Yay! I am glad you like! :-)

Why is it so much fun to write deathfics? Seriously...

I think Sam's reaction would be to go into denial/shock for like two weeks. And then I'm not sure *what* would happen to her. *hugs this AU Sam*
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Date:December 27th, 2007 09:34 pm (UTC)

Re: The End Ahead, the Enemy Behind

I missed this when it was originally posted...so glad you post links to all your fic at the end of each year. Because this cracked me up. Great Rodney and Jack banter. There should really be more of than in canon.

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