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Harry Potter, book seven (meme)

I stole this format from kizmet_42:

1. Are you going to look at every possible spoiler you can before the book comes out? Did you with HBP and how accurate were the ones you saw?

I didn't really go spoiler hunting for HBP, and I won't for Deathly Hallows; but I do like hearing people's theories (there's no way Harry is a Horcrux, people, seriously), and I do make it my business to read interviews with JKR.

2. What will you do if Amazon (or whoever;) don't deliver your copy on time, and everyone is reading it except you?

This happened last year. I had to stay off my flist until my copy arrived! That was sad. I think I'll be haunting a bookstore at midnight this year instead. It's fun, and this will be the last time, so I might as well party with my fellow fans. :-)

3. Will you read the last chapter before anything else? Are you planning to read the book all in one go or are you a slow reader?

No way will I read the last chapter first. What a horrible idea! I am a fast reader--I will probably do what I did last year, and read all that I can between getting off work and having to go to bed (I stayed up till 2am two nights in a row, in order to finish HBP) so I don't sleep through my alarm.

4. What's your theory on the meaning of "Deathly Hallows?"

It may refer to the hunt for the Horcruxes, but that seems kind of obvious. I'm leaning towards a location, instead, some kind of hallowed ground (whatever that might look like in the Potterverse).

5. What's the craziest Harry Potter theory you've got, which you could only share with your trusted f-list?

I don't think I have one. I'm far too logical/not fanatical enough. :-)

6. If you could write in a sub-plot of your own choosing to the main Harry one, what would it be?

Well, I'd probably say Remus/Tonks, but since fernwithy already seems to have that covered...I'd want to see what's going on with Neville.

7. Who do you think will die in the book, and who would you be most upset to see die, even if you don't think it's likely?

I think that Peter Pettigrew, Snape, the Weasley twins, and some of the Order (Moody?) will probably die. Harry might, but I'm not putting bets down on that, either way. I would be most upset to see Ron die; I consider that highly unlikely, but it would just kill me.

8. Name three main (ish) characters who you think will definitely live and why. Is there a very minor character(s) you really want to have a happy ending?

Hermione, Neville, and Remus will live. The first two, because the wizarding world post-Voldemort, and Hogwarts ditto, will need them; the last, because JKR has given him Tonks, and out of the Maruaders, I think he's the one who's going to get his happy ending.

Very minor? Does Kingsley count?

9. If you don't like the book, or are bitterly disappointed by it, do you think you'll still stay in the fandom?

I'm not really active in the fandom at the moment.... I doubt, based on the other books, that this one will disappoint me at all. :-)

10. One word (or concise) answers only!

- Snape: Dumbledore's man, through and through
- Bill: survivor
- Peter: will find his Gryffindor courage, and die for Harry
- The Weasleys: doomed (some, at least)
- Did Snape love Lily: friendship
- Hogwarts: unified at last
- Remus and Tonks: married, surviving
- Bellatrix: reaps what she sowed
- The new leader of the OotP is ...? I want Remus, but that may not be.
- Percy: returns, though not groveling

11. If Harry could take just one adult Order of the Phoenix member with him on the search for Horcruxes, who should it be and why?

I'm stealing this from kizmet_42, because Moody probably would be the most useful member to take, with his experience and knowledge of the Dark Arts. Emotionally, I wish Remus would go with Harry.

12. Will Remus and Greyback have a confrontation in human or werewolf form? Will Tonks be involved? Who will the other werewolves support?

No idea on this, at all. I'm kind of hoping Fleur takes out Greyback. :-) Although, if Remus could get other werewolves on their side, that would also be awesome.

13. Who is the person from Harry's class (and it isn't him, Ron or Hermione), who will become a Hogwart's teacher? What subject will they teach?

Neville, Herbology. Come on, that's obvious, right?

14. Do you think Harry will observe Remus looking less lined and walking with a little more of a spring in his step? If so, do you think he'll attribute it to Tonks, and if he does, will he blush?

Harry is oblivious to such things, mostly. He won't notice. Hermione might, or Ginny--and I'm sure they'd tell him.

15. Will Ginny use, "But Professor Lupin saw the futility of being a noble prat!" for one of her million arguments with Harry about why they should be together? Do you think they'll get back together at all?

No, Ginny won't argue. She'll just follow them on the Horcrux hunt. Or else she'll stay at Hogwarts and train the D.A. Either way, yes, she and Harry will get back together, and it would take more than Harry request to keep her from being at his side at the end.

16. Which house do you think Tonks is in, and why? Is she going to morph into someone important and who will it be?

I could see her in Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff. She's such a friendly person. No, I doubt Tonk's morphing will be a huge plot point--more likely to be a minor one that enables something else important to happen.

17. Who will be revealed to be the heir of Gryffindor?

Harry, or no one.

18. As JKR has promised the final chapter will be like an epilogue; how do you think the final paragraph (hopefully) donated to Remus' future, and/or Tonks', and/or anyone else you want to write a paragraph on, will read?

I'm not even trying this one; I have not dared to speculate.

19. Which question from the books would it annoy you most not to have answered?

Why Snape turned to Dumbledore's side. No, the real reason.

20. What do you think the last line of the book is?

Again, I simply do not want to guess. I have a feeling it has to do with the abscence of Harry's scar, but in what context, I have no idea.

Well. That was fun. :-) Now, back to my deathfics.
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