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Supernatural fic author rec

I kind of wish I had a Supernatural (specifically, Dean- or John-related) icon for this post. Oh well.

I was hunting for more fic to go on my index of faith-related fan fiction. I knew I had run across a few good ones in this fandom, so I was looking through dotfic's recs to try and find them.

And in the process I discovered a really excellent author: dodger_winslow.

A small warning: in general, these stories revolve around the Winchester family, particularly John. There is plenty of angst and swearing, but it doesn't detract from the stories--on the contrary.

Bless Me, Father
This is going on my faith-in-fan-fic list. It's set just after "Everybody Love a Clown," with minor spoilers for that episode, and major ones for "Faith" and "Devil's Trap"/"In My Time of Dying." Beautiful, amazing, gut-wrenching look at Dean and family and God. With humor, too.

Freaks and Monsters
Pre-series story. Disturbing, mature themes (almost too much for me); but worth every bit of it for the discussion between John and Dean in part 2.

The Constancy of Pain
Massive angst warning. But I loved the insights this fic has: into John, into the nature of survival, the nature of pain and loss. Pastor Jim figures largely here, if that's a draw for any of you.

To Everything A Season, novel-length WIP (seriously: currently at 17/?)
This one is long, and hard to read unless you're really into this much character exploration and dialogue. Future-fic. Some great original characters, and once it's finished I may have to put in on my faith-fic index as well. There is some great stuff in it about the nature of faith and belief.
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