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Some notes on last week's TV

Okay. I normally don't watch anything on Thursdays except CSI (and occasionally Ugly Betty, which is such a funny, sweet show), but my roommate TiFauxs NBC's 2-hour comedy block, so I sort of accidentally watched My Name is Earl this week, as well as the much-anticipated Scrubs musical episode.

Oh, I wish I had an actual quote.

A guest character is shown chatting on a message board for fans of TV shows. He rants about how shows shouldn't get meta and mention fans or the online world of fans or anything like that, and then name-drops TV Without Pity!

Brilliant. I about fell off my chair, I was laughing so hard.

Scrubs, "My Musical"

Here's a TV Guide interview with Bill Lawrence, creator/producer of Scrubs. Go read it; really, I think it'll persuade you to seek out a coy more than my attempted review.

Good music; very funny; very Scrubs. I've watched it at least six times since it aired, because it is just that awesome (also, 1/2 hour, so it doesn't take up time).

High points: JD and Turk's ballad, "Guy Love." A song about poo (the composers for Avenue Q wrote most of the songs in this episode, so there had to be one...). The wonderful duet between Carla and Turk. Dr. Cox imitating Gilbert & Sullivan. :-)

Oh, look, it's up on YouTube, in 4 parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

CSI, "Sweet Jane"

I liked this surprisingly much, despite the lack of Grissom. The episode itself, with the Jane Does spreading back across the years, was haunting; and the opener, bringing us up to present-day Las Vegas, was a fantastic attention-getter, but not loud or obnoxious. Just different.

Just like in "Leaving Las Vegas," there was a ton of Catherine here. Really, the case is hers, and she and the new guy do the most legwork on it. There is certainly room for everyone else, but it is overwhemingly Catherine's case.

I did like how we got tidbits about Mike Keppler, who just transferred in from Baltimore (he and Brass had a moment of East Coast cop bonding) to work on the dayshift. Because Grissom's abscence leaves graveyard short-handed, Ecklie has handed Keppler over to Cath to "break in." We get varying responses from the team members, though nobody seems to hate him.

Keppler himself I actually liked. Cath smacked him down lightly a couple of times, but he's no more eccentric than Grissom (well, duh, quite a bit less so, actually), and he seems to be a passionate man about his work, but laid-back and pretty easy to get along with personally. He even has a mystery himself; he keeps getting messages from a "Frank."

I'm more interested in what happens next week. Looks like Keppler wants to fake a crime scene to set a trap for a bad guy, talks Cath into going along with it...and leaves the rest of the team in the dark. Bad move, new guy. These people stick together. I foresee emotions running high, and possible practical issues as well. In other words, make some popcorn and sit back: this week's ep should be *good*. :-)
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