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Character Conversations meme

I was tagged for this by whitemartyr:

You're at a one of those parties where you end up meeting a cool random person and talking to them about whatever for a few hours. Pick five fictional characters from five different TV shows (current or canceled) that you'd want as your conversation partner and what you'd talk about.

1. Dr. Larry Fleinhardt (Numb3rs). He's a well-read theoretical physicist...the kind of guy who would stop me in my tracks as I walked by and heard him conversing about anything else. I think our conversation might start with his specialty, but given that I have a limited understanding of mathematics, I imagine it would quickly veer into philosophy and possibly a discussion of God.

2. Dean Winchester (Supernatural). Pure indulgence on my part, because I can't quite imagine that I would draw this guy's attention--but if I were in the same room with him, I'd be hard pressed to keep from staring. I'm sure there would be some flirting involved. Possibly more serious topics of discussion would come up, but not necessarily. :-)

3. Harriet Hayes (Studio 60). I would know her by reputation as a conservative Christian working in Hollywood, and would enjoy discussing the difficulty and pleasures of her position. I think I'd really enjoy her sense of humor, and I'd probably ask her outright if she has any tips on keeping my own convictions in the face of overwhelming disagreement or ridicule.

4. The Ninth Doctor (Doctor Who). I'd ask him about places he'd visited, and encourage him to keep telling stories as long as possible. It would be very tempting to ingratiate myself, in an attempt to get an invite to the TARDIS, but I might not be that brave. (I might follow him, though, even if that smacks a bit of 'creepy stalker'. *g*)

5. Dr. Janet Fraiser (Stargate SG-1). As an Air Force medical doctor (even assuming I didn't know about her work on the Stargate Project), Janet has about a million stories to tell, and she's a friendly, wise woman. We would probably have a lot to discuss about life, the strange beauty of people, and family.

Weirdly, all these people are from still-current shows ...though not all the characters are current.
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