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Random dreams (and a tiny bit of Heroes squee)

I so called who Claire's biological father is. *g*

Too bad the answer makes a rather cute potential pairing (legally and morally) impossible. Ah well.


Remember back in November, when I postulated that being deprived of time to write caused me to dream vividly, deeply, and in detail? Well, I got more proof of that theory over the past week.

Nearly every night I was away in Texas, I had vivid dreams. In time-sense (I call these real-time dreams), by which I mean I experienced every moment including things like walking from one room into another (no dream-shortcuts), and in their visual detail, which is unusual for me. I mean, normally I'll see general outlines and recognize people/places. But these--for example, the Monday night of last week, I dreamed about the CSI team, and I could tell you that Cath was wearing a V-cut blue top, with flippy sleeves, and that she had her hair waved and partly up. That morning (it's faded a bit) I could've told you what they were all wearing and what their haircuts were like.

The rest of the week, and the weekend as well, had similar dreams. I've lost a lot of the details now, but there was action in most of them.

Monday--CSI case.
don't recall Tuesday or Wednesday well.
Thursday--dreamed I was at my job, with my two co-workers! This one was all mixed up with having a paper route (so I'm calling it an anxiety dream; I never normally dream of work), but still actually made sense.
Friday--a deeply rich fantasy-laden dream. People having visions, ghosts appearing, dark beautiful rooms and creepy tunnels. Think the visual world of Pan's Labyrinth and you'll get close to what was in my head all night; though the events weren't at all nightmareish. This was one of those dreams you wake from and think, "How cool was that? I hope I dream more of it!"
Saturday--too tired to dream much, or recall them, at least.
Sunday--frantic, actiony dreams, vaguely 24-ish. Another anxiety dream, I think; I dreamed in part about a pet I had as a kid, a parakeet. I had to go buy her food, I hadn't fed her in a while, and I couldn't find the right kinds of birdseed, so I was worried sick about her.

I need to write more, I think. :-)
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