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I. Hate. Migranes.

Now, I realize that I am fortunate--I only get migrane headaches about twice a year. (NO idea what triggers them.) But when I do get them, oh boy, are they awful. Yesterday was the first time I'd had one hit me while I was at work, thereby rendering me useless for the rest of the day.

Normally I just get blindsided by the pain. This time, it decided to announce its presence by first totally screwing up my vision--floaty bright afterimages which not only made it impossible to enter data, but also scared the life out of me.

Then the pain started, and I realized that the vision weirdness was just one of those be-darned preheadache symptoms. Took painkillers and sat in the dark ladies' restroom for 20 minutes waiting for them to kick in. They didn't. So I excused myself and went home sick, before it got so bad I couldn't drive.

Drove home okay, aside from the nausea and momentary left-hand numbness (which I have experienced before with these headaches). Freaked out my roomie by arriving at totally the wrong time of day and walking like a zombie, then spent the next 5 hours curled up on my bed trying to will the pain away.

Yes, I am a wimp when it comes to headaches. I can't focus, I feel half-dead, and would like nothing better than to be knocked out till it goes away.

Slowly, it faded, I slept fine last night, and am having no problems today. I hope this means I get at least 5 months till the migrane strikes again.
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