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Mini update

Bleh. I haven't been sick in a long time. So even a cold that's not the flu is making me feel like death warmed over. Yuck. Thank goodness for the long weekend...but right now I'm thinking I might even have to take a sick day or two, unless I start feeling better like RIGHT NOW.

So my spec script now sits at about 30 pages, over halfway through Act 2. I'm writing just fine, seeing things I'll need to change as I go along...but still scared that I'll have to give my writer's group something too close to a crappy first draft for my own peace of mind. *whimper*

I want this script to turn out well. I want it to be a good story, a good CSI story with details and some character stuff and...I want to come out of this having learned a lot about writing scripts.

Please, God, help me do this.
Tags: csi, real life, writing

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