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I love my Numb3rs.

I've been doing most of my squeeing and discussing about this show on my community real_numb3rs, this season, but this episode deserves some praise on my own journal as well.

Tonight's episode, "One Hour," wasn't strictly a real-time episode (close, though). It didn't need to be. The pacing was fast, the case intricate and intense; the setting was fun (especially for us LA dwellers; Disney Hall for the win!); and there was awesome teamwork and character insights, to boot.

As a solid episode, this is right up there with "Sniper Zero," "Uncertainty Principle," or "Rampage." Imho. :-)

I thumb my nose at all the wet blankets on the forums who were whining about "not enough Don" lately. This was Don's episode, through and through, even if he didn't get in on the action. It was all about how Don sees his team, and himself.

So much love for this show.

(and three cheers for Ken Sanzel, writer of this elegantly constructed episode.)
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