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How 'bout those Oscars?

This isn't going to be too long--I don't usually have a ton of stuff to say about the Academy Awards.

I'm not surprised that The Departed won Best Picture, and that its director Martin Scorcese finally took home an Oscar. That's been a long time coming, and with this film (unlike The Aviator) he certainly earned it.

I'm a little bit peeved, otoh, that The Departed took the Best Adapted Screenplay award. That should have gone to Children of Men, which was nominated for a couple of other awards and took none of them home.

Pan's Labyrinth didn't take a couple of the awards I'd hoped for (The Lives of Others won Best Foreign Language Film), but it did win for Makeup and Art Direction, and people were definitely aware of it as a contender.

There were some very pretty dresses worn last night--I kind of covet that peach thing Penelope Cruz was wearing. Helen Mirren's outfit was also beautiful.

And Ellen DeGeneres makes an awesome host for the Oscars. :-)
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