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I could use some distraction right now....

It's not that I'm bored, or particularly depressed (though I've been sick the past couple of weeks, and that's absolutely no fun)...I just feel I need a distraction. So, pick one of these or do both:

Comment with two fandoms that I am either in or that you know I follow/know about to some extent, and I will tell you whether I think they could cross over, and how that might happen. (I'm not writing the fic though. *g*)


Comment with a link to your favorite piece of fan fiction. This can either be your personal favorite, or what you consider to be the *best* piece of fanfic you've ever read. It can be from any fandom, even ones I don't normally read, but if you link to slash or incest or non-con, I'm not going to read it, so do take that into consideration.
Tags: crossover, distract me, fan fic, fandom, request

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