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House review

So. A new episode of House!


Dave Matthews as musical savant--that was awesome. :-) Now for the rest:

First off, I wasn't sure the writers would go for House actually having cancer, but I still got a kick out of the way everyone reacted to the storyline. Especially Cameron (so sneaky!) and Chase ("I'm sorry you're going to die. I'm going to give you a hug now.").

But the actual revelation? That confused the heck out of me. For one thing, I've never seen House as that sort of addict. Does he get depressed? Sure. And usually his work is enough of a high (plus Vicodin for the physical pain) to keep him going. We've seen that in him many times, especially early this season.

I just didn't buy it.

Now, upon reflection, I know that may have something to do with the writing. The scene where House confesses to his team felt forced--not in a character-forced-by-story way, but in a non-organic-to-the-story way. I can't blame Hugh Laurie, so I'm blaming the writer for setting up the scene that way.

I've decided that even though I didn't buy it right then, I can accept this development in terms of the character's overall arc. Wilson (whom I shuttle between loving like crazy and wanting to slap) coming in and basically diagnosing him, and prescribing friendship, was...a brilliant scene, wonderfully played. It almost made up for the awkwardness of getting us there.

I do want to see where they take this next.

Not the best episode ever, but far from the worst. Wilson, I love you. *smooshes him*
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