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More of that interview meme, part who knows?

So dafne99 asked me some questions.

1. What is the basis for your spirituality? By this I mean, were you born into your faith or is this something you came into on your own and how?

Yes, I was born into Christianity. My parents were both raised Baptist (my mom's family has a lot of preachers and missionaries), but by the time I was born, they were attending a charismatic church (Vineyard, if you're familiar with that denomination).

While that has definitely shaped my faith and my view of religion, I wouldn't say it's the complete basis for it. I've always been inquisitive, and I spent a lot of high school trying to puzzle out things that didn't seem to make sense about the organized Christian church in general, and to sort out things in the Bible that didn't make a lot of sense to me. I'm sure I really threw my parents for a loop with some of my questions, but they always wanted to teach me to think for myself, and tried to answer me in that spirit.

I also think that I would have had a much harder time coming to personal grips with my faith if I hadn't simply *known*, from as far back as I can remember, that God exists and cares about me and about other people.

2. What two characters from what two shows would you like to see in a relationship together?

A crossover pairing? Wow, let me ponder for a minute....

I'd read this if someone wrote it: Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) and Samantha Carter (SG-1).

3. How hard was the decision to move to California? Did you have anyone there to help get you settled in?

It took God five years to convince me to come down here--I guess that qualifies as "hard," yeah? :-) I'd been here for a month the year before I actually made the move, so I wasn't wholly unfamiliar with the area. And yes, I have an aunt and uncle just north of L.A., and at the time my good friend whitemartyr was also in L.A., so I did have a bit of support. Not a lot, and I moved without a job or anything waiting for me.

4. What is one thing you've always wanted to do and doubt you'll ever be able to?

Figure skate. I'm not joking! :-) I've always loved watching figure skating, and wished I could learn. Honestly, I don't have the time to put into getting in shape enough to even try, and I'm 26 now...it'll never happen, but I still wish I could have learned.

5. If you could do any mission work anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and what work would you want to do?

I'm doing it right now. Hollywood is a mission field, though many Christians don't perceive it as such. That's the only place I've really ever wanted to go as a "missionary," and here I am. I would like to actually be working in the entertainment/TV industry, because then I'd be doing front-line mission work, but even just being here feels like I'm exactly where God has sent me. (He has to keep reminding me of that when I get discouraged, but it's true.)
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