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A good day....

One of my friends, vertigozooropa, said that a good day is one that starts out crappy and can only get better. I'm sitting at work half-way through this fine Tuesday, hoping he's right, and that this will actually be one of those "good days".

I got ready for work this morning, only to go out and have my car (Remus--yes, I name my cars, and yes, you can mock me if you wish for naming him after Prof. Lupin) absolutely refuse to start. My father, who is my car guru, thinks it may be the starter. *sigh* So I had to figure out the bus system in order to get to work, and was roughly an hour late (thank the Lord it wasn't later).

Oddly, I wasn't depressed, it felt like an adventure...and after all, with such a start surely the day can only get better.

After a morning of filing various and sundry papers in my office, and getting several nasty paper cuts in the process, I'm not so sure. My coworker and I joke about how delinquint our company is not to give us hazard pay...these files are arranged in a way that guarantees at least one slice per day, no matter how careful you are. Ow.

It's lunchtime now, but I just want to go somewhere and take a nap.

Ah well. Such is life, right? I live in earthquake country. It could be so much worse.
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