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Circumstances and perspective....

Well, in somewhat objective terms, things are looking up. Remus (the car) was in the shop for a day and a half, got a new starter, and is ready for me to pick up after work today. Yay.

Otoh, the work is costing me money. Here I was, thinking my tax return would allow me to buy something fun, like new clothes or season 4 SG-1...and instead, it's going to the new part for Remus. *sigh*

It made me think about the relationship between events and our perspectives on them. Last summer, I got a raise literally one week before my rent unexpectedly went up $75/mo. Now, I get my tax return (decent amount, too) the same week Remus has a minor breakdown.

I could grouse and be disappointed--the raise hasn't given me much free $$ because of the rent situation; I really wanted to buy something I've been putting off with my return.

Or I could think, hmmm. What excellent timing! I could not have afforded the raise in rent without the raise in pay; nor gotten my car fixed without my return.

Providence? Chicken-&-egg? Or just some good ole quantum physics, observation creating reality?

Ponder and discuss.
Tags: $$, contemplative, real life

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