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Oh, I don't need another show to watch. I really don't! I have too many right now as it is.

But I may have to make an exception (even ditch some other show) if further episodes of the new detective drama Raines are as good as the pilot.

I love a good mystery story, and even more a good detective whose point of view I can latch onto as we unravel the tangled webs of crime. Recently, a friend introduced me to the more hard-boiled Los Angeles detective novels, and the novelty of reading such a tale set in the city where I now live caught my imagination.

Raines has all of that going for it. Jeff Goldblum doesn't play just a solid film noir-type protagonist (although he is that), Michael Raines also has a sharply sardonic wit and an imagination so overactive he thinks he's going insane. Because he sees dead people. I love him already. :-)

Okay. My roommate turned to me as she was watching the pilot (I'd already seen it), just after Raines starts ranting at his old partner for the first time, and said, "Is that his dead partner?" Apparently, she didn't need any clues other than the show's premise and one line about "last time this [seeing dead people thing] happened" to reach such a dramatic conclusion.

I confess that I thought Partner (Charlie?) was among the living until the big reveal near the end. And that I then proceeded to cry. Actual weepy tears, not one or two. With sobbing.

My defense: Raines is such a loner that I was taking comfort in the fact that he still sought out his disabled old partner for advice. I had no idea how much a loner he really was. Poor man. (What is it about loner guys that just gets me? Gah. Anyway.)

Will I be watching next week? Um, yes. Hey, it doesn't conflict with anything already on the TiVo. Why not? :-)
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