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Ohhh, lovely! (links for fellow SG-1 fans)

Courtesy of maevebran, today I made the LJ acquaintance of a wonderfully geeky fan of Stargate SG-1: sg_fignewton.

Among her other musings, she is posting a series of amazingly detailed (somewhat Daniel-heavy) meta on the theme of Canon vs. Fanon.

Part 1: Daniel and Coffee
Part 2: Oh, Danny-boy
Part 3: The Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 1
Part 4: The Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 2
Part 5: When Canon Isn't Canon
Part 6: The Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 3
Part 7: "No more beer for you."
Part 8: Daniel, Pacifism, and Weapons Skills
Part 9: "It's just a deep, bleeding gash..."
Part 10: Pre-series Daniel

She also recs fic regularly on stargateficrec, and has thus compiled a lengthy master-list of such recs. I'm going to enjoy going through this; most of the recs are gen, "teamy goodness," with some Daniel/Sha're thrown in for good measure.

Master List of SG-1 Fic Recs

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