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What begins with.... (meme)

From mistraltoes: Answer each question with a word beginning with the same letter as your user name.

Famous Music artist/group: ?

3 letter word: ivy

Colour: ivory

Gifts/present: I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov

Vehicle: ? [Help me figure this one out!]

TV Show: Invisible Man, The

Country: Ireland

Boy Name: Isaiah

Girl Name: Irina

Alcoholic drink: ice wine

Occupation: irrigation expert

Flower: iris

Celebrity: Ice-T

Food: ice-cream cake

Something found in a kitchen: iceberg lettuce

Reason for Being Late: illness

Something You Shout: Idiot!

Much harder than I expected; the English language sadly underuses the letter 'i'. Or else I do.
Tags: lj, meme, username

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