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Weird weather (and a small update)

We had some strange weather in L.A. yesterday. It started out cool and sunny, but around noon clouds rolled in and we had about 30 minutes of wind and steady rainfall. Then the clouds went on their merry way south-east, the sun came back out, and the winds picked up to somewhere around 30 mph (at least). A tree blew down in my office parking lot, we could barely open the building's outer doors because of the wind, and there were clouds of dust streaming across of the Valley.

Really, really weird.

I've given myself till the end of the month to finish the rough draft of my CSI spec script. It's going fairly well at this point; I imagine something like 15 pages to go (maybe longer, since my rough drafts usually need to be cut and shortened) right now. I think I may actually meet a goal for once! :-)

From there I'll have 7-10 days to do a rewrite. I'm due to have this script torn apart and discussed by my writer's group on April 14. This is the first full script of mine any of them will have ever seen. Needless to say, I'm a little bit terrified. Heh.

Fic has mostly been put on hold for the duration of this project, although I'm tempted to try and finish the Larry/Megan one I was working on. There's a 'zine deadline for fics like that coming up in about 3 weeks.
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