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LOL! CSI, what are you up to? - Light One Candle

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March 30th, 2007

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01:41 pm - LOL! CSI, what are you up to?
Okay, I haven't seen this week's new episode yet. This post is about a very brief synopsis of an upcoming episode, which I read at TVguide.com.

"Lab Rats"

Hodges convinces fellow lab rats Archie, Henry, Mandy and Wendy that Grissom wants them to secretly investigate the so-called miniature murders while the CSIs are in the field probing other crimes.

Could this backfire and be awful? Sure. But I think it's going to completely rock. That's what I think. I can't wait.

*dissolves in giggles*
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Date:March 31st, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
You must let me know when you've seen CSI. It was rather gruesome, but we got to see a different side of Hodges that didn't repulse me. Okay, "repulse" is maybe too strong, but so often I just go, "Okay, we're learning *way* too much about Hodges." Heh.

Time for me to go watch N3. If you didn't seen CSI, then you missed the N3 previews with Charlie's committing muffinicide and Edgerton saying, "Never get between a man and his fiber."

Have I mentioned that I love Edgerton?
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Date:March 31st, 2007 05:14 am (UTC)


Dunno if you saw my mad squeeing on my journal, love, but Matt Thompson had a very brief blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameo from the end of this week's CSI ep.
I think I might have screamed a little in joy.
Heh. ;)

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