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Location filming on my way to work....

One of the amusing perks of living in Los Angeles is the fact that a lot of location shooting goes on in this city. Any random day or night you might be driving down the street and see lights, cameras, and equipment trucks blocking traffic.

All week, beginning Monday on the way home from work, I've noticed signs of this at the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Sylvan. Literally: the street signs have been covered with new ones. Sylvan is now Cloud St., and Laurel Canyon is something like Mulligan.

The actual filming appears to be behind or in a building just east of Laurel--that side of the intersection is blocked off, and I spotted a camera crew in the parking lot back there this morning.

Nothing really giving away what film or TV show this is for. Not till today.

A new sign is up, with a left-angled arrow and the words Clark County Memorial Turnpike.

Clark County, huh? As in Nevada? Vegas? CSI? Possibly. :-)

Of course, I just googled Clark County and found others in Washington state, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin. But unless this is for a movie, I still think it's gotta be CSI. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for this location in the last couple episodes of the season.
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