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Quick and dirty TV catch-up

I'm only watching some of 24 because Peter MacNicol is on it. Not too thrilled, other than about his performance.

House is having a strange season. Weak or unpleasant episodes alternate with episodes like last week's, which I loved and which reduced me to squee and tears.

LOST is doing better now that we're focusing on the camp more often, and there are clearly mind games going on. But I haven't loved this show since season 1. I could quit watching and not really care that much. Which is sad.

CSI continues to have a much stronger season, overall, than last year's. This week's wasn't the best ever episode, but we had a recurring villain, Sara standing up for Greg, and Greg standing up for himself. *huggles Greg*

It's the episode before this, with the six murdered showgirls, that really stood out. Not as much for the case as for the emotional trauma several of the team (most notably Sara and Warrick) went through. And for the first quality Grissom/Sara moment we've been given this season, one which fit perfectly into the episode, was completely in-character, and generally made me melt. No words, either, really, which is very appropriate for them.

Numb3rs just had two new episodes in a row. Diane Farr is on maternity leave, and the show is weaker for her absence (not much weaker, but the team dynamic is noticeably altered). And I still miss Larry, though he returns on 4/27 in the next new episode.

I still love this show.

And now for my new love: the second episode of Raines underwhelmed me, but the third and fourth blew me away completely. Better than the pilot. I love this show and want it to continue and be picked up for next year.

I'm afraid it won't be, but I can hope.
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