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Writing update

Well, I haven't been writing much fic lately. But that's because I've been making progress on my spec script. :-) Also because of Holy Week.

Some of my fics-in-progress are going to need the plotty part of my brain back. So as long as I'm slaving over my CSI spec, my Numb3rs/The Sentinel crossover will have to wait. So will my TS novel, which is nearly 2/3 finished.

I did write another page of my first 'ship-fic (Larry/Megan). I don't know that it'll be done in time for the Larry/Megan 'zine deadline I was originally aiming for (April 21), but we shall see.

As I noted over a week ago, I finished my rough draft! That was a huge step for me; I've finished prose things, but this is the first full script (even if it was a TV spec) I've ever gotten this far on. Now I know I can do it, silly as that may sound. :-)

I spent a couple of days going over the rough draft with colored pens and trying to see what works and what doesn't. Some things were obvious; others, I'm still thinking about as I work on the rewrite itself.

I have to say, I love rewriting. The first draft is jumping into unknown waters, not having a clue if you'll come out with treasure or with something you have to throw out. So far, I've been able to keep some stuff, but I'm rejoicing in the chance to toss out the crappy scenes and rework lame dialogue to bring the script closer to the snap and detail of an actual episode of CSI.

I'm not fooling myself; I will need more work on it, and my writer's group will unflinchingly tell me where. But as I work on it, I keep feeling that this is actually better than I had dared to hope, and that out of it I can make something that might be worth using to catch an agent's attention.

God knows. I just, you know, write. :-)
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