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Fanfic appreciation week

Who knew? Glad my friendslist keeps me apprised of such things. :-)

Not that I'll be able to make rec's every day...well...maybe I could. Anyway.

One of the authors I respect the most right now (yes, it probably does have something to do with the fact that she writes in my current obsession, Stargate SG-1) is Doc, whose fic can be found at Heliopolis, or more easily, at Doc's Surgery. She won Best Overall Story in the Stargate Fanfic Awards for her splendidly plotted and beautifully nuanced novel For God And Country. I tend to avoid stories with torture in them, so I was surprised to reach the middle of this story (just past a rather horrific torture scene) and realize that I had no thought of stopping. I wondered why, then realized: I trust this author. And she didn't disappoint me one bit.

For those not ready to embark on a novel, try her short story Sting in the Tale. Everything she does best in a small package: character, humor, evocative writing, h/c.

A re-read fanfic author--one of my highest compliments.
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