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L.A. needs naqahdah generators....

So, that windstorm we had all day yesterday? It did bring down some trees and stuff, caused some accidents...and killed a bunch of power transformers.

I went straight from work last night to a home group Bible study. I was a couple of blocks from my apartment when I realized that the next set of stoplights was out, and that there were traffic cops putting out flares to keep people from turning left across the Metro Bus lane. All the street lights and houses around the intersection were dark, as well. I drove carefully up to the next intersection and had to wait for two buses to cross before daring to make a left turn onto my street. It was also completely dark. I had a moment of panic that the electric gate to my complex would be shut--but it was locked open, instead.

My roommate already had candles set up all around the apartment (bless her). She told me that she'd checked with the power company when she got home--apparently several areas of the city had been without power since noon. And they had no idea when repairs would be completed. So we chatted for a bit, and then she went to bed and I sat and tried to read Harry Potter by candlelight. My eyes aren't used to it. :-)

I don't usually mind a power-out, but this created two problems for me: my alarm clock is not battery-powered, and my cell phone was about to die. I couldn't recharge it, so I had no way to wake up this morning. I finally decided, oh, screw it. Amanda knocked on my door before she left for work, so I wasn't more than 20 minutes late, but still....

As of 9am this morning, our power was still out.

And the saddest part to this story: I was really looking forward to last night's episode of CSI. Needless to say, we didn't get it. *sobs* Anybody local manage to DVR/tape it? I'll buy a copy from you!
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