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Stuck on a desert island....

From this week's prompt in fannish5:

What 5 characters would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

1. Jim Ellison. A practical man who inspires confidence. Jim is ex-military, and spent 18 months living off the land in Peru, so he has well-honed survival skills. The super-senses might come in handy when identifying food and clean sources of water, too.

2. Nick Stokes. I doubt Nick knows much about survival (other than what he's seen on the Discovery Channel), but he's strong. He might turn out to have a knack for inventing things we need, and he'd work tirelessly to make them feasible. Nick also has a nearly unshakable knack for looking on the bright side of life. He'd be pleasant company.

3. Sydney Bristow. She's smart, friendly, strong, and willing to work. Not to mention that her father (and the CIA) would presumably be moving heaven and earth to find her.

4. Miranda Bailey. A medical doctor would be handy to have around, and no one could ever accuse Bailey of being a slacker. If anything, she might end up being the vocal leader of the group, the one willing to make decisions.

5. The Doctor (Nine). Is this cheating? :-) We'll say the Doctor sans his TARDIS, just to even things up a bit. Talk about having years of survival skills and inventive knowledge--with the Doctor, we'd end up building an entire little settlement. And probably befriending heretofore undiscovered sentient critters on the island.

And stealing a variation from yahtzee63,
1. Charlie Eppes. Despite some hiking experience, I sincerely doubt that Charlie would be useful in this situation. Worst case scenario, he'd calculate the odds of being found and then retreat into writing equations in the sand until he forgot to eat or drink.

2. Tony DiNozzo. I admit to putting Tony on this list because I'm female--his favorite way of coping is to make jokes, and his favorite topic of conversation (and humor) are women. The flirting would old really fast.

3. Niki/Jessica. Nothing like an unpredictable split personality to inspire distrust in fellow castaways. I think I'd like Niki, and she'd do well, but lapses into Jessica would put everyone on their guard.

4. Gregory House. Depending on the terrain, House might not be able to get around very well. Combine that with eventual lack of his pain meds, and wow, that's one cranky doctor. He'd have to learn to treat people with a touch of respect, or he'd find himself such an outcast that he'd have to rely on his own skills to get food and water. Oops.

5. J.D. (John Dorian). He'd be the class clown, but I can't imagine J.D. trying to, say, catch fish. Or hunt small animals. Or build a fire from scratch. After a day or two, everyone would be sick of his lack of focus and his jokes.

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