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I'm 27 now.

And may I just thank you all for the many birthday wishes I received on my friendslist yesterday? I feel very appreciated. :-)

Also, I made out like a bandit yesterday, in quality if not quantity:

--jedibuttercup posted a ficlet in response to a request I made a while back: SG-1/CSI: Collateral Damage. An old friend confronts Jack while he's out recruiting for the program. Go read!
--a very fun card from whitemartyr (I laughed. And I'm going to email you later.)
--a package from my immediate family, including cute notes, long-overdue family photos (yay!), and $95 towards a copy of the scriptwriting software Final Draft, which I desperately need right now. That's close to half the purchase price, which is a great help! :-)
--mistraltoes sent me a disc with the first two episodes of Blake's 7, in a format which I can watch! I've already seen the first ten minutes or so of "The Way Back," and as I suspected, I'm starting to like the show already. And for all that wasn't technically a b-day present, there was an amusing b-day card included. Thank you, Mistral!
--my local friend Dan bought me a Moleskien notebook. Every writer should have one of these, and it even fits in my purse.
--several of my local friends pooled their funds for an amazing and completely unexpected gift: The Absolute Sandman, Vol. 1. I had no idea what it was till I opened it, and I was pretty speechless for a while. Wow. :-)
--and I opened my present from feliciakw, which is a beautiful sterling silver claddagh pendant, made in Ireland. Thank you, my friend! *hugs* I wore it to my little b-day party last night.

I love my friends and family! *hugs and kisses for all*

ETA: D'oh! kalquessa wrote birthday fic for me! Everybody Secretly Wishes They Were A Rock Star. It is SG-1, and somewhat cracktastic, so everybody should go read it right away and leave feedback. :-)

Just a few people gathered with me at my friend Dan's house--he has a lovely HD TV, and the plan for the night was to order pizza (yum! I'm ordering from these guys more often), hang out, watch new episodes of Drive (aka Nathan Fillion's new show) and Heroes (whoohoo!), and then eat a lovely German chocolate cake Dan had baked.

It all went very well--we're not sold on Drive yet, but it was fun to watch, and Heroes is going to require a whole other post from me. :-) (Matt! Peter! Claire! OMG HIRO!) There was much joking about how nice of NBC it was to save the new episode for my birthday.

Then presents and cake and decaf coffee and squee.

Peaceful and geeky and fun. Good thing, too, because I'd had little sleep the night before and was kind of wiped out.

Last year was a very good year in many ways. I hope this coming one is even better.
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