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So....Blake's 7

I went to the Los Angeles Festival of Books today, which meant that I walked around for about 7 hours in the hot sunshine. I was too tired to do anything when I got home, so I sat on my couch and watched the first two episodes of Blake's 7, so kindly provided for me by the lovely mistraltoes.

I think I'm going to try to give my reactions as I watch, because it's fun, and because several of my flist are B7 fans. :-)

"The Way Back"

Well, people weren't kidding when they told me that this show is dark. Twice in the first episode, I started possibly getting attached to characters, only to have that footing yanked from under me. The rebels who take Blake Outside are slaughtered without mercy, while he hides nearby. And then there are Blake's defense lawyer (can't recall his name) and the lawyer's wife--I liked them, resourceful, idealistic, clever...and now very dead.

(Not that I really mind this. I'm a great believer in keeping the reader/viewer on edge, and killing off characters that we're attached to certainly acchieves that goal.)

I'm liking Blake already. I think it started during that conversation between him and the psych doctor. "I am not insane. I am not insane." Helpless tenacity is a sure way to my heart.

Computers dispense Federation justice? O_o I'm unsettled by that.

I have an absolute horror of messing with memories, with minds. So all the stuff about mind-alteration and memory implantation (especially with those poor children)...gah. I'll be over here in the corner calming down for a minute.

It's a good sign when a character makes me grin within 5 seconds of appearing onscreen. "Other people's property comes naturally to me." Hee. I think I'm going to like Vila quite a lot.

"Space Fall"

(Brief aside: the crew of the London is making me think of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan books. I haven't quite figured out why, yet.)

I'm impressed with the sense I'm getting from most of the characters (at least the ones who get lines to say), from our heroes to the prison crew: that they're real people, with backgrounds and motivations beyond the immediate crisis. This especially goes for the London's captain. I haven't noticed the writing as being anything special yet, but clearly they're doing something right.

I was right, I do like Vila. :-) And Jenna, be nice. It's called "claustrophobia." (I actually really like how they're playing off each other. I can't quite decide whether he's tried to very ineptly flirt with her, or whether he's just defusing tension.)

Good lord, Avon is annoying. Arrogant bastard. He sets my teeth on edge. I'm with Vila on the "let's kill him now." (He's not as cute as Blake, either.)

It really doesn't help that the actor playing Avon reminds me strongly of John de Lancie, aka Q. The mouth, the voice, the attitude.... *facepalm*

So how long were they on the London before executing their little mutiny/jailbreak?

Oh, eeewwww. Death by decompression would be bad enough, but getting entombed in that foam? Ack! I better not have dreams about that.

I'm really enjoying the older-scifi vibe of this show. The scans not working, the docking tube, etc.

Cool-looking ship! And while the forced cooperation of the prisoners and crew seems very organic, well...it's kind of obvious that assuming Blake and co. can get past whatever killed the other men, they're going to be able to fly off with the ship.

Hey! They're just going to leave Vila and Gan and the others on the London? Oh--wow, Blake really is idealistically stupid. The best plan in terms of survival would be to run away and, yes, leave the others (my affection for Vila nonwithstanding). But he's going to try and rescue them. *shakes head* Dumb, but brave. (I'm pretty sure Avon was thinking the first of those things, and not the second.)

General first impression: exciting, interesting, I'm looking forward to more. :-)
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