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Thank you, maevebran! - Light One Candle

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May 7th, 2007

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12:58 pm - Thank you, maevebran!
This awesome woman just sent me a thank-you gift. I wish I had a picture of it to show you guys--it's definitely one of the coolest fannish presents I've received.

A small handle-less ceramic cup, painted or glazed pale green, with blue lettering on it that says "thank you" in Ancient.

Thank you very much, maevebran! And I'm sorry I forgot to email you this weekend when I got it (it's still in its box, because we're going to be moving, but then I'm putting it out where I can see it and squee).
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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Date:May 7th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome.

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