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Jorja Fox/Sara Sidle News...sort of

These crazy actors. One can't blame them, exactly, for wanting a raise or wanting to move on to a new character, to new and different work. Variety is the spice of life, and all that.

Jorja Fox Involved in New Salary Dispute (article found at CSI Files, who found the news in a New York Post article)

A bit of background: the rest of CSI's main cast have all renewed their contracts with the show for next season. Jorja Fox, otoh, has been negotiating for a raise...her contract has already expired.

"According to an article by Michael Starr at the New York Post, CBS execs were so unhappy with Fox's demands for extra money, they decided to kill of her character at the end of the current season. Originally, Sara Sidle was supposed to have been crushed by a car at the end of "Living Doll," the May 17 season finale -- a plan that was thwarted when Fox simply refused to show up on the set to film her death scene.

If that's not bold, I'm not sure what is. Heh.

The New York Post claimed that with Fox not available to film her scenes, producers had to scramble to come up with a new ending to the season finale, and had to fly Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) in to Las Vegas to film it. However, the article also quoted a spokeswoman for Fox who said that the actress did eventually appear on the set to shoot scenes for the finale, which she called "open ended." She also confirmed Fox's contract has run out, but that she is still negotiating with the network over her future on the show. "

And as much as I get annoyed with actors who make loads of $$ (all the CSI actors are well-paid--it's a huge hit show with a large budget) and still want more, I can't really object too strongly to Jorja's tactic. The only thing that annoys me more is executive decisions to kill of a character because the actor is causing trouble (see "Dax, Jadzia" for more information).

So, basically, nobody knows whether Jorja will be back next year. Or what this means for Sara Sidle. I will say one thing: CSI has been on the air for 7 years, and they still have their entire cast from the pilot. They've lost and replaced a few recurring characters, and gained some characters important enough to be placed in the opening credits (Detective Curtis, Hodges). But they've lost no-one.

Maybe it's time. *shrug*
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