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Time for a hodge-podge post. :-)

Which Hereos Character are you?
Your Result: Peter Petrelli

A hospice nurse with the ability to absorb other people's powers, Peter is unable to control his powers in the beginning. He has good intentions and only wants to save people from what he might do. He comes to terms with his powers and is able to use them effectively. He has the ability to become the most powerful hero.

Hiro Nakamura
Issac Mendez
Claire Bennet
Niki Sanders
Matt Parkman
Nathan Petrelli
Jessica Sanders
Which Hereos Character are you?
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It's pretty great to have a script finished to the point where I can get actual feedback on it. It's even better when the feedback is good stuff--that it wasn't so bad they didn't have much to say, that they didn't tell me to scrap it all. We had a lengthy discussion about my villain's motivations, and about the weird thematic elements (the spec is called "Bluebeard," and if you read fairy/folk tales you know something about it already) which the group agrees need to be drawn out even further.

I'm encouraged. By all of that.

I'm not going to be rewriting it any time soon, though, not with the house and moving and all that. :-) I'll be making a bunch of notes and maybe doing a tentative re-outline to see what I would need to change structurally. That's it for now.

I'm not encouraged by what one of the guys told me: "You wrote this at a feature pace. You've got to be faster if you want to write for TV." Well, duh. It's my first completed script. I don't imagine I'll be hired somewhere this time next year (though I do hope I'll be looking for an agent by then). He suggested I pick shows I don't care that much about and write crappy specs in a set amount of time, to get used to the length. I'm not sure that would help; it's not caring about the show that's the problem, it's caring about everything I work on. And I think I'll just write faster after having more practice.

I am thinking of submitting for this next year. I'd try for this year, because this CSI spec is going to kick butt, but I don't think it'll be ready in time.

The ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship

What do you guys think I'd have to offer in terms of a diverse voice in my writing? Beside being woman, which I would play up for all it's worth.

Official news for my fellow Supernatural friends: SPN is assured a 3rd season. Took them long enough to say so!

Also, everybody needs to go read this post by lydaclunas, on adult virginity. It is clear, candid, and wonderful.
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