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Notes on my Season Finales

Wow, I've barely had time to watch my shows, much less blog about them. But I do have opinions about each finale, and frankly there's a lot to squee or panic over, so I figure I should at least try to make some notes here.

We'll start with the show that I actually *did* blog a tiny bit about:

"All Hell Breaks Loose, pt. 2"

Wow. I can't imagine what a shocker this was to people who've been following the show hardcore--this episode could have served as a series finale, in a sense! I'm with Sam: once the Yellow-Eyed Demon was killed, I didn't know what to say.

Trust Dean: "That's for our mom, you son of a bitch."

I knew Sam had to come back from the dead somehow (although once again Jensen owns me with his acting skills--the scene where he talks to Sam's dead body, and the confrontation between Dean and Bobby). And I know Dean couldn't see any other way to do it, and I know his father did it too, and I know that there's no way for Dean to live in a world without both John and Sam.

"There's something big going down. World-ending big."
"Then let it end!"

But still, Dean, oh, Dean...you can't trust a demon, and you shouldn't sell your soul! Especially for your brother's life plus only one year. And a promise not to try finding loopholes.

So: the Demon is dead, John Winchester climbed his way out of hell to help defeat the Demon (did NOT see that one coming), the Roadhouse has been destroyed along with Ash and a lot of hunters, there's a demon horde loose on the Earth (and a lot of ghosts, from what I saw), and Dean has one year to live.

That's a heck of a place to start off next season. :-)

One thing: the pacing of this episode felt off to me. I loved many of the scenes, the interactions, the ideas and how they played out. But it felt like such a big story, such a big ending/beginning, that it should have been perhaps a bit more densely plotted, and taken two episodes (or 3, I guess) instead of this one to tell.

"Living Doll"

Nooo! Sara!

Um. Gosh darn it. CSI has never done a cliffhanger ending before; not during a season, and certainly never at the end of one just before summer hiatus! AAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhh!

And since we don't yet know the outcome of Jorja Fox's negotiations with the show, we have no idea whether we're going to come back to a reduced cast (and hopefully a good send-off for a character who's been with the show for 7 years) or if they'll rescue her. As of the final shot of the episode, Sara's still alive--trapped under a crushed car in the middle of the nowhere desert, at night and in the rain, one hand scrabbling at the dirt as she's trying to dig or pull herself out.

And nobody knows where she is.

Creepy Natalie Davis--the miniature killer herself--certainly isn't telling.

And while I felt that the creepy vibe, the bits and pieces that we saw come together, and the backstory we learned was all very interesting, this episode just didn't satisfy. Partly I think that's because this is the first half of a two-parter. But also, I think there should have been more Sara in an episode that ended with her in mortal peril. (That's Jorja's fault, apparently.) And the pacing felt odd. We'll see if I enjoy this one more once we get that second half.

Can't wait till September.

Oh! Everybody found out about Grissom/Sara! I love that Grissom just says it right out as soon as he realizes that Sara was targeted to get back at him, and how he just carries on without missing a beat while Cath looks shocked ("What the hell?!"), Warrick looks startled ("Did he just say what I think he just said?"), Greg looks...almost like he already knew (either that, or "Did they all know and I'm just now finding out? Play it cool."), and Nick just looks confused.

All three of the finales I'm talking about here were game-changers in some way for their show, but this next one probably shocked me the most.

"The Janus List"

It's been a very long time since a show put me into such a state of shock. I've been spending the weekend trying not to think about it too much (RL needs my focus!), probably to the frustration of feliciakw (sorry, my friend *g*). We did chat right after I watched the episode, but I wasn't a very good theorist with my heart in my throat and my stomach all twisty.

I'm not even a huge Colby fan, but damn. I mean, there have been moment lately where I wondered if something was up with Colby, and feliciakw and I had discussed that possibility after seeing the previews for "The Janus List," but I didn't expect the blow to be so sharp. "USA FBI Agent Colby Granger, co-opted by the Chinese." Say what?

And the questioning session. He didn't deny it. Didn't protest. Seemed so resigned, as if this were the way it had to be. Don handling him like any other perp; Megan looking like she won't be able to handle another blow from life (after her sekrit assignment and coming home to find Larry not in a social mood); and David absolutely gutted by this revelation about his partner.

This is Numb3rs, not Alias, not Blake's 7. The good guys solve the crimes and catch the bad guys. Are we actually supposed to accept that Colby's been a double agent since we met him?

I don't think I can. And there are enough cracks in the story (we only have Colby's word that he placed a bug 2 years ago for the Chinese; hell, we only have his word that there even *was* a bug) to make me wonder what Colby was really doing, or who he was really working for, or who he was and still is protecting, to keep me coming back next season.

Besides, this was one of the best plotted and most intense episodes of the season. It was *awesome*. And there were brotherly scenes I will treasure all summer (especially Don figuring out the musical notes code *hearts Don*, and the conversation about Ashby that the brothers have, which is a lovely roundabout way of telling each other that yeah, they get it, and they both did good).


I'm going to go write angsty Megan fic now.

Heroes finale tonight, and LOST on Wednesday! Whoo!
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