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A Thought Experiment (sort of)

Disclaimer: This isn't going to be a post about taking sides on an issue.

I just got fed up with the non-arguments/non-discussion that takes place between people who believe in creation/intelligent design vs. those who believe that science and God can never meet. So I was trying to come up with a way in which a center could be reached between them, a center of understanding not so fully overshadowed by assumptions that it can't even move forward.

This is what my brain came up with, driving home one night on the freeway.

It seems to me that the biggest obstacle to intelligent discussion between the two sides of this debate (as well as other debates, but this is the one I was thinking about) is that each side is coming from a base-level assumption about the universe, one which prevents them from even considering that the other side might have valid facts or theories to contribute.

How can we fix this, aside from individual choice not to act like close-minded idiots?

Well...here's a science-fiction sort of idea.

What if some people were chosen for this special project, smart, curious people? Chosen, isolated, their education carefully controlled by a group devoted to the project rather than their own ideas.

These special people would be taught everything we know about the physical sciences, math and physics and biology, and some of the "soft" sciences as well, such as the simple basics of psychology as we understand it. But each subject would be edited or cut to remove any theory that reaches a complete conclusion about origins. The evidence would be presented to these unbiased students--not the conclusions or answers, from either side.

Then, we would see what these students made of the evidence without the surrounding cultural biases all other scientists and theologians and thinkers have to deal with.

It's not remotely practical--the sort of isolation required for this to work would be on the level of The Truman Show, and would also need people so completely dedicated to the project that the editing of the material presented would actually be as close to unbiased as possible.

But wouldn't it be fascinating to see what theories these people came up with? Maybe one side or the other, maybe split on the meaning of the evidence, maybe whole new ideas that no one has yet discovered.

So that was my thought. Hope you enjoyed it. ;-)
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