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When real life geography meets fandom facts....

...it can be really, really annoying.

So, back at the end of "Art of Reckoning," Larry goes off to be quiet and do a lot of thinking and self-exploration. At a monastery, of all places. He says it's in "Altadena," which is an area just north of Pasadena, where the Eppes' house is. He also adds that it's only about ten minutes away, which would be about right if the Eppes live in South Pasadena (as most fen agree they do).

So I decided that there probably was a monastery in Altadena, given that it's mentioned so directly. There are several monasteries, convents, and even an Abbey in or around Los Angeles (Long Beach, San Bernardino, ect). Not just Christian ones; there are Buddhist retreats as well, and Larry doesn't specify the religion of the place he's going.

Unfortunately, all my map searches and Google are only turning up locations outside of Pasadena/Altadena. There are 3 convents nearby, but I doubt communities of women are going to allow male strangers to be guests. Hmph.

I guess I'm going to have to make one up. Fine. I'll put it way up in Altadena, on the side of the Arroyo so they get a pretty view. So there.

(Nick, Cheryl, production team--would it have killed you to reference an actual real life location?

No love,

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