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Tenth Doctor and Seventh Doctor--an opinion question

This is for the Old School Doctor Who fans on my flist.

One of the first Doctor Who novels I ever read was Paul Cornell's Human Nature. So, naturally, I'm quite interested in seeing the two-part episode based on that novel. (I've currently seen only up through "Gridlock," this current season, so no major spoilers please.)

I'm particularly interested in seeing how well the plot transfers over from the Seventh Doctor to the Tenth. Now, I don't know a lot about Seven--I've seen none of his episodes, and know him only through DW novels. I was a little thrown when I first heard about this adaptation, because I really didn't see Seven and Ten as being particularly alike.

cryptile, otoh, thinks they have quite a strong resemblance. If she's right, then this is a very apt time to adapt this particular story.

Thoughts? Opinions? As I said, I've only seen through "Gridlock," but since I've read Human Nature, I may be spoiled for the eps already. :-)
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