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Studio 60: "K & R", and Supernatural: "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things"

I haven't much to say, just a couple things to note.

Really, Studio 60 had so much potential. Two large mistakes were made: focusing on the Matt/Harriet relationship to the detriment of plot and the Matt-Danny friendship, and being a little too serious for its own good. But I'm glad the network it at least running the rest of the season.

Finally, the interminableness of Matt/Harriet came to some kind of point. The lovely little montage of scenes when they've disagreed about religion and God during their on-and-off relationship was well done. And the cap to it was perfect: Harriet asking Matt to pray with her. "I'll teach you. You could learn something new." She does understand him; that's the one way of looking at it that won't instantly put his hackles up.

And they don't pray, because things are happening, but it was still one of the most honestly tender moments this relationship has been given. That Harriet has been given. I liked that.

Maybe I'm a sap, but I kind of turned to mush over Danny's proposal, too. Cliche, but they made it funny.

So, I'm watching all the summer reruns of Supernatural's second season, straight through. ("Simon Said" is waiting on my DVR at home right now.) And while I kept up with basic plot lines and stuff through recaps over the year, this show can still *get* me when I least expect it.

Throughout the episode, I kind of took Dean's side. At least partly. Sam was really pushing at him, and while I understand why and even agreed with him at a point or two (I'd be worried about Dean, too), it seemed like that really was the last kind of response Dean wanted.

Because I agreed with a smidgen of Sam's analysis, I took Dean's obsession with not bringing back dead things a way of constantly reminding himself that he knows better than these people do, that bringing people back doesn't work, that what's dead should stay dead. That is, as a way of dealing with his grief over his father's death.

Then we hit that end scene, and Dean flipped that entire perspective upside down when he tells Sam that he thinks that he (Dean) shouldn't have come back. He shouldn't be here, be living. Something happened--in some way their father's death is his fault.

I knew this, knew about his arc, and the scene still caught me by surprise. Knocked my breath away.

I love this show.
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