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Goodness, it's been almost a week since I posted! O_o

And it's not like I've been insanely busy or anything. Work has been kind of boring, and finally things are starting to settle down some at the new house.

Actually, that's probably the issue: I finally have time to start playing catchup with my writing, and that *is* taking up a lot of my time. Right now, I've just finished a Numb3rs fic which randomly showed up in my brain (sort of AU, post-finale, h/c and angst), and am working well on my gen_remix story, which is happily due tomorrow rather than today as I first thought. I have a whole evening to work on it! Wish I'd been able to start it earlier, though, because it's a fun idea and I'm not sure I'm doing it justice.

I'm pretty blessed. All my housemates are fairly laid back, good at working out compromises, and willing to put effort into keeping up the house and sharing work. We have house meetings once a week, to swap chores, and to figure out anything we need to do during the coming week, bills we need to pay, etc. Sometimes we end up doing a big organizing sweep in some room of the house. The garage will be a storage place and workspace for one roomie, eventually, but it's in progress. And the spare room upstairs, which I am going to get to use part-time as my office and writing place, is full of discardable stuff. I probably won't be able to start using it until after our yard sale in ten days or so.

Oh, the fun of having cats in the house. Sheba is a tiny, older calico, and she rules the household. Bossy, cranky, and quite forward when she wants lovin' from the humans. Pixel is almost twice her size, some kind of huge Siamese mix, a tough muscular tom...whom Sheba has totally whipped. He gets out of her way, doesn't try to get attention from us if she's around, and is really terribly shy in general.

Pixel is also an escape artist. He can open some doors (he's huge), and he's also figured out that he can come into my room upstairs, slip behind the blind on my open window, and exit onto the patio roof. *facepalm* I need a screen for that window, but can't afford that just yet, and airflow is my only a/c.

Thank God I have a coffee shop so close to my house, now. Four roommates makes for a lot of potential distraction. Swork (I don't know how to put the two dots over the "o") is a random, quiet little place, usually full of students from a local college, with wireless and a ton of places to plug in. Not too expensive, and while the house coffee isn't great, they make killer espresso drinks. Mmmmm. And they're open till 11pm every night! Great place to go and sit and get 3 hours or so of really quality writing time in.

*happy sigh*

If I get my gen_remix story in on time, it will completely be due to this coffee shop. Yep.

In other news, I'm fighting with myself trying to decide between two different ideas for a Supernatural spec. The first has to do with a potential interpretation of something in the show's mytharc, and as such may not be well suited for a spec (I imagine I'd be jossed before we're a third of the way into next season). But, but, but--it's a really cool idea, and if I were on the staff, I'd be pitching it to everybody until they agreed to let me write some variation of it.

Oh, yeah--Stargate SG-1 finally ends its ten-season run tomorrow night. I plan to watch the finale, but also either "Lost City" or "Moebius," to celebrate my lovely show. *hugs SG-1, all variations*
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