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Two writing questions--one about a TV spec, one about using existing pop culture in fiction

I'd love all your thoughts on these ideas, either opinions, or actual information you might have (or where I might find such).

My first question is: which would make a better Supernatural TV spec?

I have my own opinion about this, based on things I have heard and read about television spec writing. Mostly, it's best to write a spec that is as good as the best episodes of a particular show, but which won't become completely invalid too quickly (some shows are easier that way than others, and it's not a huge issue if something changes and "invalidates" your spec, as long as it's good enough and could have been an episode once).

I have two ideas for an SPN spec.

One of them involves deciding on at least two pieces of mytharc, and running with the implications. Problem: as of the end of the 2nd season finale, we have no clue whether either of these things will even be an issue anymore, much less to the point I wanted to play with them. (Sam's visions--will he still get them? Is Sam really the absolute last of the YED's "special children" still alive on earth?) Bonus: I could poke my fingers into the SPN ideas about faith and religion. Just a bit, as they've done in episodes like "Houses of the Holy."

The other idea is probably better to write in terms of not (um, probably) being jossed. It's a stand-alone hunt, which starts out straightforward and turns out to be far, far more complicated and wrenching than the boys expect. I was really leaning towards the mytharc idea until Dean finally told me what would scare him the worst (Dean, I love you, never change), and suddenly made this particular stand-alone far more interesting.

Can't. Decide! Argh....

And the second question involves a murder mystery film, set at a fan convention (and by extension, an idea for a novel whose protagonists are geeks).

I've already tackled this idea in conjuction with a screenplay I'm writing: a murder mystery which takes place at a fan convention. (One of my attempts to "write what I know"--and hey, it hadn't been done yet!) I really didn't want to mess with copyright issues, or trying to get specific actors on board with it as a film, so feliciakw helped me create a completely fictional TV show, "Second Sight," and establish the basic structure of its fandom. It's working quite well, and I've actually contemplated writing a TV pilot based on this fictional show concept.

An original, realistic YA novel I've had in the back of my brain for years is presenting a different take on the problem. This story is mildly autobiographical, and I'm having trouble finding a way to focus it. If I went for the most realistic symbols or expression of theme (from my own experience), there would be a book or a TV show or something similar which would form an underlying base for the journey, for the connection between the two best friends. But I'm not sure if copyright would preclude that. Anyone have any ideas? I could go for something old enough to be in the public domain, but it would work better, I think, if it were more modern, closer to actual pop culture.

Ah, the things one must decide while writing.
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