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Interview meme (yes, again, blame kalquessa

1. Comment asking to be interviewed and I will ask you five questions.
2. Post this meme along with your answers in your journal.

1. Do you still keep in touch with any childhood friends (besides family, of course)? Who and why?

Hmmm. If by "childhood" you mean "pre-high school," then no, I'm not really in touch with any of my childhood friends. There is one, Sarah, whom I should like to be in touch with, but our lives have diverged like crazy, and she doesn't have email, and I suck at writing snail-mail letters. I should try harder.

If you include high school, then I'm in touch with at least two of my good friends from that era, both of whom still live in my hometown. I call each of them on the phone, roughly once a week or once every couple of weeks. (In fact, one of them is one of my Favs--I have a T-Mobile cell phone.)

2. Any hobbies? I mean, besides writing, which I don't really consider a hobby so much as a torturous pursuit of ever-elusive goals.

I don't have time for hobbies! Honestly, unless you count movie-watching, television-watching, and lurking around fandom, I have no hobbies except writing fan fiction.

3. So are you going to start watching Atlantis now that SG-1 is gone, or are you not that desperate yet?

I'm not that desperate yet. We'll see, but since I still fail to be concerned by any character except Rodney (and occasionally Shepperd, who is quite the attractive male)...meh. Especially now that Dr. Beckett is gone. No pretty Scottish accent to liven things up.

4. If you could pay someone to perform one task for you every day, what would that task be?

Cook my dinner! I never have the time and rarely the inclination to make myself proper meals. It's quite sad. I'll make someone a very bad wife. ;-)

5. Favorite Hollywood writer/director? Why?

Good lord. What a question. Um. Favorite writer (currently) might be Brad Bird. Hey, he's one of Pixar's best minds. I loved The Incredibles and can't wait to see Ratatouille. Favorite director (currently) is probably Guillermo del Toro. If you haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth, what are you waiting for?
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