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An FYI for people on my flist who have seen series 3 New Who


I'm an American. Series 3 hasn't even started airing here yet (not till Friday!). So, even though I've seen up through "Evolution of the Daleks," I am trying to remain unspoiled for the rest of the series.

It's one thing when rumors and a few icons slip through the cracks. I know little enough about...er...a certain person who shows up at the end of the series, that that rumor didn't bother me. And overall, people have been exceedingly good about lj-cutting spoilers for the finale.

Casting spoilers count, though. Even if you lj-cut the identity, if you say that a role is being cast or recast...that can be a plot spoiler. And I'm a little startled that I ran smack into this on my flist today.

Must I leave the internets entirely when I'm trying to avoid spoilers? I guess I'll just have to add this to my mild pessimism about global fandom. (*reminds self that it will be MUCH WORSE once HP Book 7 hits fandom*)

ETA: I hope this didn't come across too angry. I've just been very spoiler-wary this week. My flist is really quite awesome at keeping such things behind cuts. *blows kisses to you all*
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