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The subjectiveness of truth (via a fanfic quote) - Light One Candle

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March 16th, 2005

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01:33 pm - The subjectiveness of truth (via a fanfic quote)
While rereading Doc's SG-1 novel For God And Country, I ran across this:

The Tau’ri were peculiar in this respect. It seemed as though they never entirely trusted the truth as they saw it, unless their view was shared by others around them.

This particular inability to trust one's own perceptions is something I find myself struggling with constantly. On one hand, I don't want to jump to conclusions (I have so often been wrong) and judge people or things prematurely. On the other hand, perpetually playing the "what if...?" game wreaks havoc on my peace of mind.

I wouldn't mind having some trust in my own perceptions (although this personal mistrust is apparently common in my ISFJ personality type). :-P

O’Neill was the exception. As the Tau’ri would say, O’Neill followed a different drummer. He would only ever trust his own truth, even if everyone else disagreed. This trait was both his strength and his weakness, and it also was the trait in which he was most like a Jaffa, most like a brother to Teal’c. O’Neill would disregard what people thought, obeying the necessity to satisfy his truth.
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