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I really need an new HP icon, honestly...

So, I had a weird day yesterday. Went to work--went home an hour later with a migraine headache. A bad one. Fortunately, it only lasted about four hours total (most of which I spent sleeping it off), and since I was already out on a sick day, I took the rest of the afternoon and mostly finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Still my favorite of the books, I think.

It's weird how much attention I find myself paying to Snape in this re-read (the first complete re-read I've done since Half-Blood Prince came out). Trying to see if his behavior fits "Voldemort's man" or "Dumbledore's man" better. Not that I actually believe he's anything but Dumbledore's, through and through.

I was feeling fine by evening, just in time to don my homemade Ravenclaw scarf (blue and bronze!) and head off to a showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

A short review, mostly snippets of 'I liked/I wish they hadn't...' aka spoilersCollapse )

More later, possibly.

This film continued
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