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Writing update

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm catching up from the past few months. Starting to, mind you. I haven't caught up yet.

I've been trying to come up with ideas for more original projects, so I have a list going and a few things to look into, research-wise. (Anyone know of films that have been made--fiction or documentary--involving homeschooling?)

At this point, my writing schedule stands like this:

I've given myself until August 7th to write a rough draft of my Supernatural spec. Not sure that's long enough, given the craziness of Harry Potter stuff this month and the San Diego ComiCon to boot, but it's a good deadline to have. I've an idea of where it's going, and need to sit down and try to work out a preliminary outline to see if it'll hold together.

After that, preferably for the rest of August, I'll be rewriting my CSI spec.

Then I want to properly revisit my murder mystery at a fan convention film. See if I can finally fix the plot issues I was having, establish the characters better, etc. Get a proper outline done before the end of the year.

(This doesn't count the possibility of writing an original TV series pilot, which is apparently a good writing sample right now, even if it doesn't actually get picked up and made.)

I have no ficathons looming (hurray!), having gotten my gen_remix fic done only a couple of days late.

I do need to get the last scene for the current Invisible Man Virtual Season episode typed up and sent to my co-writers. That's this evening's work, for sure.

I finished an unexpected fic, which was posted last week (Sua Sponte); but my post-"Janus List" Megan fic still lies unfinished. Still has potential, too, I just don't know when I'll have time to finish it. Next week? Maybe?

*sigh* Good to be writing again; it'll be even better once I have no real deadlines, for a brief few days, anyway.
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