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Here's a really kind of cool meme

Gakked from taiamu, slightly adapted to proper meme form:

sockkpuppett wondered in her LJ about the moments we, as fans, become an actual /fan/ of a show, as opposed to a casual watcher. So, I thought it would be an interesting mental exercise to see if I could remember that moment for each of my shows.

I’ve been a fan of quite a few shows, so I’m sure I won’t remember all those moments: Star Trek, for instance, or X-Files, or Quantum Leap.

Babylon 5: 1st season episode, “Deathwalker”. I am a sucker for characters who are not afraid to stand firm in their moral convinctions, and Sinclair’s quiet confrontation with Deathwalker made me realize that this show was willing to touch on moral dilemmas I wasn’t quite used to in TV scifi. “Believers” completed this process.

The Invisible Man (2000 version): 2nd season episode, "Johnny Apocalypse". Watching the banter between Fawkes and Hobbes, deliberately exaggerated to annoy Alex Monroe, and watching Fawkes interact with the time-bomb kid, Adam. In fact, probably the precise moment I became a fan was when Adam yells at Darien that Darien can't know what it's like to be an experiment. And Darien gets this look, very quietly says, "Wrong," and proceeds to Quicksilver and vanish.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I watched almost 2 seaons' worth of this show (mostly 4th-5th) without getting beyond "wow, this an incredibly well-written show". Then I saw "Becoming" (both parts), and the moment when Buffy is about to stab Angelus, and his soul is returned to him, and she knows she has to kill him anyway to save the world.... I cried my eyes out, and was made a true fan.

The Sentinel: Uh...it must have been a moment in "Blind Man's Bluff," but I can't remember precisely.

Alias: The entire pilot episode. :-)

Touching Evil (USA version): This is a very small fandom, but I'm including it because the moment I became a fan is sooo precise in my mind. Creegan (a cop who is just returning to work after recovering from a shooting that left him with no ability to perceive abstract boundaries--like moral ones) breaks a suspect's taillight so he can ask him about it and see what the suspect looks like when he's lying. Back in their car, his partner Susan Branca reams him out: "There are lines you just can't cross!" Creegan gives her this look, utterly sincere and completely puzzled, and he answers, "What lines?"

Stargate SG-1: Well, a character and a moment. I watched the pilot, and fell head over heels in love with Jack O'Neill. But the moment that grabbed me was when Daniel is saying farewell to the Abydonians, and they gather around him, touching him, caressing him, saying farewell in their own way.

CSI: I was a casual watcher until I saw a marathon from early 3rd season, and realized that character arcs are pulled through this show in the background, with hints dropped in unexpectedly, so that you have to piece together the character's lives as they piece together a crime. (I think it was "A Little Murder," when Grissom is talking to the woman and he alludes to his hearing problem very obliquely.)

Anyway...that was a fun trip down memory lane. :-)
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