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Any elevator mechanics or ghost experts out there?

I just had a slightly odd experience. I signed out for lunch in my company's reception area on the 6th floor, and got in the elevator to go back to my office and computer on the 3rd. As usual, I punched the 3rd floor button. Also as usual, the doors waited a couple of seconds, then began to close.

NOT as usual, they closed halfway, then opened again for no apparent reason. I was not close enough to trigger the motion sensor myself; there was no one else in the elevator or near its doors; and the other alternative, that someone pushed the button on that floor to keep the doors open so they could get on, isn't the case either, as there was no one in the elevator area, period.

I pushed the 3rd floor again and it went down without a hitch. But I've worked in this building for well over a year and never seen this happen. It makes me wonder a bit--I'd never feel a ghost myself, as I am apparently quite insensitive to such phenomena. But perhaps one was there?

Or perhaps the doors just malfunctioned.

Or perhaps Darien Fawkes is snooping invisibly around my place of employment. :-) *is paranoid re: invisible-if-friendly eyes watching*
Tags: ghosts, humor, real life

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