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Fic meme

Snagged from rj_anderson (whose new lj-name is still weirding me out to write!):

If you could make a request in a ficathon that you knew I would be assigned, what would it be? I probably won't write any of these, so don't think of it as binding, and feel free to be wacky and/or full of yearning. So if you're game, provide fandom, pairing (or gen) and prompt (by which I mean, slice of a song, bit of poetry, three things you want and two things you don't -- no specific plot points -- that sort of thing). If I could write you a story, what would it be?

Mostly thinking about stuff like this because kerravonsen's Finish-a-thon is coming up, and I'm starting to put together my list of votable ideas....
Tags: fandom, ficathon, meme, my fics, request, writing

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